Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health

About Chrystal Ocean

I am the Founder and former Coordinator of Wellbeing through Inclusion Socially & Economically (WISE), which was a Canadian group and national movement of low-income women. From community development inspired by the grassroots to media campaigning and lobbying, WISE women advanced awareness of the links among policy, poverty and health; action to address them; and implementation of creative, inexpensive solutions at the local level. Thanks to the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, in April 2007 WISE folded due to lack of funding. Other equality-seeking women's groups across the country have been similarly affected. Continuing community-based action research and advocacy now on my own, I remain focused on connecting the dots between health inequalities and the structure of our social and political institutions, with my most urgent attention directed at democratic and electoral reform. The purpose of this site is to enable the hosting of 24 podcasts, covering the reading of the 2005 book Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health: Stories from the front. The book was one of several unexpected, positive outcomes of WISE's first project. To learn more about me and my views, visit my Blogger profile. Chrystal Ocean ('Chris' in the book)

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